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Introduction To Our Cake World

Introduction To Our Cake World

Several Months Ago I began to make “fancy/fun” Cakes for my family and close friends. Since I began, I have learned a lot about this process. I have also made sure to capture as many photos of each process as I could have. Lately I have been contemplating beginning a blog geared to giving advice about making cakes.

I have learned a lot about shaping cakes, frosting cakes, using fondant, making fondant figure, making clay figures, making cake from scratching and perfecting box cake like I never knew possible. Since most of my accumulative knowledge has been based on research I have done from many different places, I have officially decided that maybe some of you out there who want to know more; Would like to read about some of the adventures I have had in the cake department.

There are so many tips and tricks I have learned over the last year or so. There are many people in my life, many birthdays and parties to come. So I know I have and will have plenty of content to keep you all busy for awhile.

I have an General Life Advice Column Blog, (diamondspringz.blog) which aids in learning and gaining wisdom in many areas of life. Since Cake is a whole different can of worms, I have branched out to make sure both subjects complement each other, but do not collide. This site itself is just beginning so it will take some time to get my current portfolio of cakes posted. But in due time I plan to have a post for each cake I have done.

Since I am a Stay at home mom, and a writer, there is not a lot of spare time to sit and write about all the extra things I would like to, so please have some patience when waiting for more content. One step at a time these days is all I can count on.

So make sure to check out my other site and keep coming back here for more content and advice all about Cake!!!


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